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Salon Grade Motor

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Why People Love It

  • Treat Acne and Unclog your Pores
  • Reduced Visible Pore Size
  • Smoothens your wrinkles and the fine lines
  • Improves Overall Skin Texture
  • 10x Increase in Skin Care Product Usage
  • Feel more confident 
  • Smile more

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Noticed better absorption with their skincare products

Felt their skin was softer and smoother

Felt their skin was healthier with regular use

Felt more confident in their skin



1. Steam or wash face with warm water

2. Turn on the cleanser and
move the device slowly
across your face.
Make sure you don't hold it
too much on a single spot ! 

3. Enjoy clear, smooth ski2n from the comfort of your home.

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Customer Reviews

3556 Reviews

Cindy G.

Perfect gift for anyone

I got my Sofiskin blackhead remover vacuum yesterday. The product is as described with all the different heads. After cleaning my face, I made one pass over my nose and I had a lot of white stuff coming out. I continued on my cheek and chin. Very satisfying result. Thank you very much, thank you very much!

Becky U.

Works better than expected

I wanted to get rid of my blackheads, so I bought this device which is really effective. It sucks out the skin and gently removes encrusted blackheads. My skin is much clearer and softer since I've been using this blackhead remover vacuum. Plus, it's easy to use, convenient and portable everywhere! I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Thank you!

Samantha L.

I can use this all day!

It's powerful and really sucks up all the bad stuff on my face! I use it mainly around the nose and mouth and it works wonders. Comes with 6 heads, you can use it on all parts of the face. The blackhead remover vacuum is very cute too, I take it with me on holidays. Very long lasting battery with just one charge so you don't need to recharge it too often. The heads can be washed very easily with water + soap. I have recommended sofiskin to all my friends now!

Cindy G.

Very pleased!

Great product, I didn't think a small device could work miracles. I tend to have oily skin and small pimples and this blackhead remover vacuum makes my skin softer, less "shiny" and I have fewer pimples. Very effective on blackheads too, I am very satisfied with my purchase. I use it once or twice a week. Thank you! 

Hannah S.

I had no idea how bad i needed this

Having a fairly oily skin and blackheads on a regular basis, I wanted to test this product, it effectively cleanses the skin by removing all the excess sebum, I even tested it on my partner who also appreciated it! I recommend this product hands down

Jane W.

My boyfriend uses it too

Hello, I ordered the Sofiskin blackhead remover vacuum and I love it. The blackheads do not resist, the result is visible from the first use! Received quickly, nice packaging. If you have a skin with a lot of blackhead, do not hesitate one second and get it for yourself it will make such a difference on your skin. The blackhead remover vacuum is delivered with different heads and also has several speeds. What is also very practical is that it is rechargeable and not battery operated!

Nancy A.

Everyone should try this

I received my Sofiskin blackhead remover vacuum. The product is like the description no disappointment. I tried it and from the first use it is very effective, I wanted to get rid of blackheads on my nose and chin. In addition to that there are several tips with several specificities. I also tested the microcrystalline tip, it really leaves the skin soft and perfect. Moreover charges with a USB charger and not a battery. I highly recommend Kaliskin!